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Basic B12 shot (with B6&5 for max absorption) – utilizes methylcobalamin form of B12


    B complex – add’s the rest of the B vitamins, super energizing!
    Glutathione – great for antioxidant support and detoxification!
    Magnesium – add the burn, but great for the overworked, over stressed body!
    MIC (methionie, inositol, choline) – liver support and fat burning!
    Folic Acid – if deficient or if pregnancy is in the future!
    Homeopathic Engystol – the natural flu shot – used as prevention and treatment!


Basic Vitamin Infusion/Myers IV (60ml)  all B vitamins, Cal/Mag & vitamin C

great for muscle recovery, stress, energy restoration and the immune system (many get prior to air-travel or as a boost during the cold/flu season) 

Super C IV (300ml)  basic vitamin infusion with added vitamin C & trace minerals

excellent for the boosting the immune system, after a hard work-out and before/after travel.  Add homeopathic Engystol to alleviate symptoms of the flu.

Ultra Hydrate (250+ml)  saline with trace minerals/electrolytes

fast recovery from dehydration due to sickness, hot/dry climates, or other dehydrating activities

Pre/Post Op IV (varies)  saline, homeopathic Traumeel and glutathione

speeds up the healing process and can eliminate the need for pain relieving medications

Be Calm Mag push (20ml) magnesium and saline

a fast way to get magnesium in to alleviate migraines, muscle cramping or anxiety

Be Clear – Amino Acid IV (350ml) amino acids 

useful for muscle recovery, clarity, mental/emotional conditions, neurotransmitter support and addictions