What to expect at the first visit?
At the first intake, patients can expect to spend 1-1.5 hours in my office. This includes a complete history, comprehensive physical exam and a thorough treatment plan.  Treatment plans may utilize several modalities* and typically are modified at each visit to meet both the patient and the doctor’s needs/goals.

How long do follow appointment takes?
Follow up appointment range in length pending on the treatment plan and case.  Typically, patients should expect to spend 30 minutes at a follow up visit.

How many follow up visits do I need?
This number depends on a multitude of factors including: complexity of the case, treatment plan, compliance and ongoing care.  It is a good idea to plan on at least 1-2 follow visits after the initial visit as some cases require further workup and lab testing, and acknowledging that getting healthy can take time, it doesn’t happen overnight.  For some of my patients, I act as their primary care physician (PCP) – meaning they will require at minimum ongoing yearly screening appointment and/or may need to be seen for various ailments throughout the year.  Other patients, choose to continue care to keep them in track with their health goals – in this case I typically recommend 1-2 month follow up appointments.

Of course it is worth mentioning that IV and/or acupuncture patients may require ongoing appointments for a period of time.

Does my insurance cover it?
Naturopathic doctors are covered as “out of network” providers for many insurances.  Many of our patients receive some reimbursement for their visits. Our office is happy to provide a superbill with accurate codes for submission to an individual’s insurance company.  However, we do not guarantee coverage and payment for services provided is due at the time of the visit. We encourage our patients to speak with their insurance companies prior to scheduling.

What are my payment options?
We accept all major credit and debit cards, checks, cash and health savings accounts (HSA).

Do I need to take a multivitamin and other supplements?
Need is the key term here.  In short: no. However, there are times when the body needs further support to get over it’s health shortcomings; often times supplements can be this support.

I am an advocate for multivitamins as our food nowadays does not contain the same amount of nutrients as it did in generations past. This is due to farming practices, GMO, herbicides/pesticides, etc.  This is even true for those of us that eat healthy diets. For example, it is said that an apple from 50 years ago contained double the nutrition as an apple today.  This means that someone would have to eat twice the amount to achieve the same amount of nutrition… no wonder our country is overweight.

To further this, I think most people would benefit from a multivitamin, fish oil and a probiotic.  The latter two help support both cell membranes (including cognitive function and cholesterol levels) along with gut and mood support.

Supplements can get expensive. Can I get my supplements anywhere?
Some, yes. Some, no.  I hate feeling like a supplement pusher, and I am not in sales. However, there are some supplements where a superior quality is warranted. I carry certain products/lines in office because I have seen good results with them, I can stand behind the company, and I know my patient isn’t getting more sick from the ingredients.  I encourage patients to add supplement costs to their monthly food budget as they are an investment in your health.

Do I have to change my eating?
No. However, will you achieve all of your health goals without making some healthy dietary choices, probably not. I am a realist, I don’t expect everyone to stop eating everything they enjoy and only eat kale for the rest of their lives… yet, I do provide suggestions for some healthy dietary modifications.

Have additional questions?   Email us: info@drlauralambert.com