GMO foods = Genetically Modified Guts?

The other day before entering Whole Foods, I was asked to sign a petition… it was to mandate labeling of GMO on food labels.

So what’s the bid deal? Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) has been a good thing for food production has it not?

The idea of GMO was to produce more virulent crops that were resistant to viruses, herbicides, pesticides, and etcetera. Which also means a farmer can use a lot more toxic spray and the crop will still survive… but will we?

GMO foods have been in use in the US since the 1990’s and of date very little research has been done on their safety in human diet. One study that has looked at the implications of GMO food and our health has found that our gut flora (beneficial bacteria that are supposed to be in our guts to help us digest and assimilate our nutrients) is now carrying genetically modified DNA.

So your gut is now resistant to viruses, pesticides… why is this bad? Again, we need our gut flora to digest and absorb – if our flora is not operating correctly our entire body and health is at risk. Most of our immune system is located in our guts; without proper flora, one’s immunity is low making them more susceptible to illness. As if being sick isn’t scary enough – most of our feel good hormone (neurotransmitter – serotonin) is also produced in the gut, so now you are sick and unhappy. Without your flora, you will not have the nutrients your body needs to function or heal; in short, you would be a hot mess!

Unfortunately, there currently is no labeling mandate to let you know that you are genetically modifying your gut. The biggest crops/foods to look out for are: soy, corn, potatoes, and canola – if available, try to find these products with a “non-GMO” label. And, continue signing those petitions!