Modalities & Therapies

Vitamin-IV-ShotsIV therapy
There are various reasons to utilize IV therapy; to boost the immune system, to gain an extra edge, to battle chronic conditions and anytime the gut is off.  When the digestive system is not working properly (ex: gas and bloating, diarrhea or constipation, etc) it’s ability to absorb nutrients is compromised. By utilizing IV nutrition we bypass the gut, directly supplying the body with what it needs via the bloodstream. IV therapy takes anywhere from 30-60+ minutes depending on which types of nutrients and the volume administered. For a list of available IV’s please Click Here.


food-alllergyFood allergy/sensitivity testing
Food allergies or sensitivities are not always as overt as one might think. There is more than just the anaphylactic (IgE)  lip swelling, throat closing off reaction that we associate with peanut allergies.  Patients may be experiencing a delayed sensitivity (IgG) reaction that causes inflammation in the body one to several days later. Sometimes it is very hard to determine what all has been consumed over a period of days and frequently patients that already eat a healthy diet find that one or more healthy foods are not a good choice for their body; in these cases food sensitivity testing is utilized to determine which foods may be creating unwanted inflammation in the body.  The test is done with a quick blood draw or finger prick and sent to the lab for analysis, giving results of over 90+ different food items and how they react in your body.  Insurances typically do not cover this type of testing.


Heavy metal chelation treatment
Heavy metal chelation is a very involved detoxification/depuration treatment regimen utilized when a patient has been determined to have high levels of unwanted metals in their system. Heavy metals and known to disrupt the endocrine, immune and really all systems of the body.  We often see high metal levels in autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue and other conditions that have been unresponsive to conventional therapies.

The treatment involves special testing to determine the metal burden in the body, IV or capsule IV treatment depending on the types and amounts of metals present, systemic nutritional and antioxidant support, along with various lifestyle modifications.  Therapy can extend several weeks to a year or more pending on the individual case.

biotherapeutic-drainageBiotherapeutic drainage
Biotherapeutic drainage is a system of medicine based that helps the body more effectively drain toxins/waste to restore it to normal physiological function.  It typically uses a series of 3 homeopathic solutions and some lifestyle modifications aimed at the draining of toxic/waste buildup in tissues, eliminating that waste from the body and then restoring the tissue to normal function.  This can be an effective tool for all body systems and conditions; it can be especially useful for those that have had specific exposures to toxins and/or have been living in heavily polluted areas for a period of time.

Here are a couple examples:

  • Example 1: Hypothyroidism: a patient presents with hypothyroidism (or low functioning thyroid and sluggish metabolism) for which the patient is taking medications to provide the body with the hormones that the thyroid gland is not making. The patient is started on this form of gentle detox by taking a series of drops specific to draining the thyroid tissues, helping the waste exist the body (through normal detox pathways of breath, urine, stool and sweat) and restoring the gland to its normal functioning state. Within a period of time, the patient can reduce or eliminate medications while the gland begins to return to optimal function.
  • Example 2: Fibroids: a patient presents with numerous fibroids of various sizes, she been recommended to have a surgery to remove the fibroids or the whole uterus.  The patient would like to preserve fertility and avoid surgeries, so we prescribe some drops to help drain the uterine tissue along with some basic dietary modifications.  Within a few months, follow up ultrasound has shown over a centimeter reduction in the fibroids.
  • Example 3: Asthma: draining/detoxing the lung fields and restoring them normal physiology can reduce the need for inhalers, keep airways open and eliminate symptoms of allergies.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on physics that works on rebalancing the body to its healthy state. Often when the word homeopathy is presented as part of a treatment plan, it is met with a “I’ve heard of that, but I don’t really know what it is.”  In attempt to simplify a more complex physics concept, here is an example: let’s say a patient comes in with the chief concern of insomnia. They have the particular type of insomnia that presents with jitteriness, overstimulation/anxiety and inability to relax to sleep.  Based on those symptoms and the patient’s personality, they are best re-balanced by a homeopathic remedy called coffea cruda, which is latin for coffee.  What happens when someone over-consumes coffee? The same symptoms of jitteriness, overstimulation/anxiety, etc.  The coffee bean is then mashed up and brought through many dilutions until there is no longer a measurable amount of coffee in the solution.  For you physics people, at this point the solution carries the “wavelength of coffee” which is then dosed to the patient to trigger the body to return to homeostasis.

There are hundreds of different homeopathic remedies that can treat maladies from sleep disorders, indigestion, mental/emotional states, aches/pains, etc.

eatDiet and Nutrition
“We are what we eat…” and thus should be considerate of what goes into our bodies. As part of a treatment plan, minor to major dietary modifications may be recommended. It is not expected that a patient overhaul their entire diet overnight. Often times the addition of a food or two into the patient’s normal eating schedule can assist the body in its healing process.



botanical-medicineBotanical Medicine
Botanical or herbal medicine comes directly from mother nature in plant form and has been used throughout history to treat various ailments in the body.  Many of today’s pharmaceutical drugs come from plants.  Botanical medicine can come in many different forms: teas, powders, capsules, tinctures and “whole plant” preparations (ex: consuming flax seeds or blueberries for their medicinal properties).  Of note, tinctures are alcohol extracts of herbs, they are highly effective, but can taste poorly – frequently herbal dosing can be modified to the palate of the individual.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine approach to stimulating the body to heal by manipulating energy pathways (meridians) with thin needles. It is useful for a myriad of concerns from fertility, fatigue, anxiety and addiction to pain, indigestion and insomnia (NOT a comprehensive list)..  Different sizes and gauges of needles may be used for the various conditions.  Sometimes a patient may experience a small “zing” sensation and at other times no sensation will be felt with the needle placement.  A typical acupuncture treatment last around 20-30 minutes during which the patient is relaxed and often falls asleep while the needles do the work.  Most patients experience a feeling of relaxation/calm during and after the treatment.  Depending on the condition acupuncture treatments might be recommended regularly or on an as-needed basis. Many patients schedule continued acupuncture appointments for the relaxation and pain relieving benefits.

labsBasic labs
Most medical providers recommend screening bloodwork every 1-5 years over the age of 20 in absence of disease.  Basic blood work allows us to look for things like infection, anemia, high cholesterol, diabetes, liver and kidney disease, amongst other conditions.



well-womenPAP smears – Well women exam
Current guidelines recommend females over the age of 21 have screening PAP smears every 1-3 years.

Cervical dysplasia, cervical cancer and other abnormal PAP smear results are becoming increasingly common.  Allopathic guidelines for treatment often employ either a watch and wait approach or invasive procedures to remove the abnormal cells. Less invasive, more natural options are available,  including escharotic treatments, system immune support and various other treatments should a patient want alternative options.