Anti Aging Trifecta

We all know the dreaded effects of aging.  There are the typical visible signs: wrinkles, sagging skin, decreased luster; and also changes such as decreased stamina/energy, weight gain (an average of 10 lbs a decade) and increased risk of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases.  Fortunately, we are finding out how to combat these effects naturally!

Anti Aging TrifectaThe Trifecta:

Trans-Resveratrol (found in the skin of grapes, and thus red wine) has been shown to an effective antioxidant, anti-cancer, and pro-hormone balancing agent.  It decreases inflammation, keeps blood thin and is not only protective to heart tissue, but may in fact increase life span (1).

D-Ribose (an important part of our ATP/energy production) has been shown to increase endurance, decrease muscle fatigue and soreness.  It also increases the efficiency of the heart muscle and may prevent heart attacks (2).

Ubiquinol (a major antioxidant for heart tissue and other organs) is shown to decrease with age (3).  Supplementing with this form of Co-Q10 has been shown to increase energy, promote healthy circulation, improve cognition, and even boost immunity (4).

The combination of these three supplements has been shown to help improve our cellular metabolism, reverse and prevent weight gain, decrease risk factors for chronic illness and increase energy and stamina for your life.  Patients have even demonstrated weight loss without altering their current diet and exercise regimens (5).
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